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The Active Calendar cgi script is the perfect solution for integrating a dynamic and powerful event based calendar system into your site. With extensive user and system administration features, managing your dynamic and ever changing event content is a breeze.

Product Overview

Price: $199.00 (cash discount price)
$224.00 (wire transfer price)
$218.90 (regular price)

A new on-demand version of Active Calendar is available for just $49 setup, plus $14.95 per month. None of the above license fees apply to this new on-demand version, which has additional features as compared to the distributed version, and which also includes free installation, free tech support forever, free upgrades forever, and free hosting of the application forever. Purchase the on-demand version of Active Calendar

Requirements: Unix Operating System (Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), Perl 5.003 or greater
Installation: Optional
Demos: English, German, Admin, Setup Wizard

Product Details

Browsing and Searching Event Content

  • Easily browse events by date when clicking on a link for today, current, next and previous months.
  • Easily jump to a specific day via the links for the current month.
  • Search for events based on keywords using the standard keyword search.
  • Using the advanced search, users can easily jump to future dates and also search by venue, category and event keywords.
  • Browse events by category and date options as listed above.

Personalized User Features

  • Add events to their personal calendar by clicking "Add Quicklink" in the event detail page providing them with quick access to events they want to revisit in the future.
  • Edit or delete events they have posted to the system.
  • Update their personal profile to maintain the accuracy of your system information.

Extensive HTML Based System Administration

  • Review user posted events to activate or delete  "pending events".
  • Edit or delete specific user submitted events.
  • Manage featured event content.
  • Delete expired events from the system.
  • Add or delete venues listed in the calendar system.
  • Edit or delete user profiles.
  • Send mass mail to your current mailing list.
  • Add, deactivate or delete categories from the system.
  • Manage all aspects of the system functions, options and design.

Administrator System Options

  • Easily set the colors, fonts and table attributes of your system via the admin control panel.
  • Support for various date formats including European date format.
  • Add a "censored words" list to maintain the integrity of user event postings.
  • Edit the system header and footer html templates via the admin control panel.
  • Optionally require events be reviewed by the administrator before being posted for public viewing.
  • Set the maximum number of categories one single event may be posted to.
  • Set the maximum number of events per page that may be displayed.
  • Set the maximum number of featured events displayed on the front page.
  • Set maximum database query restrictions to reduce server processing time when displaying events.
  • Optionally receive an email notice of new and edited events.
  • Optionally send emails to users who post new events to the system.
  • Grant users partial or full profile status.  Partial status disables public access to post events.  Full access grants users rights to post events to the system.
  • Require users to provide valid email addresses using a profile activation system.

To experience the full spectrum of the Active Calendar features, we strongly urge you to visit our demos today.

Demos: English, German, Admin, Setup Wizard