Activesuite Calendar Setup
Welcome to the Calendar Setup program. During the setup process, you will be prompted for various information to complete the installation of your new calendar program. Where possible, we will attempt to obtain most information automatically.
Pre-installation Checklist
Place a checkmark beside each task to indicate you have completed these pre-installation tasks
Created a folder in the cgi-bin named "suite" and set the folder permissions to 777
Created a folder in www or public_html root directory named "suite" and set the folder permissions to 777
Uploaded only the setup.cgi file to the cgi-bin.
Administration System Settings

To begin the setup process, please enter the email address and password you will use to access the administrative features of your calendar system once it has been installed. Please enter your admin email address and password below:

Admin Email Address:
This is the email address you will use to login into your admin system.

Admin Password:
You password may be no more than 10 characters and contain no spaces or special symbols.

Confirm Password:
Please enter the same password again to confirm.

Registration ID:
Please enter the registration id you received in your purchase confirmation email.