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Ad ID: 100796-10412 Posted on 14-Jul-2001
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  • Young Personal Trainer seeks
    Contact Information
    Posted by: Franky
    Location: London UK - England - London
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    Ad Information
    Hobbies:Gym, Fitness, walking, healthylifestyle.
    Looking For:Long-Term Relationship
    My Age:26 - 30
    Ad Description
    Your height and weight
    Obesity is associated with inefficient energy production and an increased production of oxygen radicals within cells, therefore leading to increased risk of various cancers, heart disease and accelerated ageing. It may also lead to diabetes. For more information:
    Question 1) Do you smoke, chew tobacco, inhale snuff, or are you often around second-hand smoke (in pubs or at work)?
    Cigarette smoke contains toxins which directly damage DNA and subsequently cause cancer. Cigarettes are the biggest direct source of nitrosamines (a carcinogen) humans are exposed to. These substances, along with other constituents of cigarette smoke, are potent oxidants and carcinogens that lead to accelerated ageing, lung disease, and diseases associated with ageing. Stopping smoking decreases your risk. For more information:
    Question 2) Do you eat more than a couple of hot dogs, sausages, or slices of bacon a week?
    Some studies suggest that 90% of all human cancers are environmentally induced, 30-40% of these by diet. Preserved and cured meats (bacon, sausage, salami, etc.) are an important source of nitrites in our diet. Nitrites lead to the formation in our bodies of nitrosoamines, which are important environmental oxidants and carcinogens. For instance, there is a significant association between nitrosamines and stomach cancer. For more information:

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