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Ad ID: 102315-11599 Posted on 10-Sept-2009

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  • www.gsmgz.com LCD for iPhone 2G 3G Touchpad/lens/Flex/Antenna cover/Sim Tray/Joystick/USB cable
    Contact Information
    Posted by: cindy
    Location: guangzhou Asia and Pacific - Other
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    Ad Information
    Ad Description
    IPHONE LCD with touchpad and lens
    IPHONE lens/glass original
    IPHONE housing(without touchpad or lens,4pcs set)
    IPHONE Antenna cover
    IPHONE handsfree with mic
    IPHONE handsfree adapter with mic and volume adjuster
    IPHONE handsfree adapter with mic
    IPHONE battery with opener
    IPHONE opening tool set (6 in 1)
    IPHONE flex with handsfree connector
    IPHONE charging flex
    IPHONE on/off switch flex
    IPHONE light flex/camera flex
    IPHONE antenna flex
    IPHONE speaker(earpiece) original
    IPHONE speaker(earpiece) copy
    IPHONE mic original
    IPHONE ringer
    IPHONE camera
    IPHONE camera switch
    IPHONE joystick
    IPHONE keypad/joystick original
    IPHONE handsfree connector
    IPHONE charging connector
    IPHONE sim card holder copy
    IPHONE stylus copy,black,silver
    IPHONE screen protector copy
    IPHONE pouch A
    IPHONE pouch B
    IPHONE dock
    IPHONE FM transmitter 6 in 1
    IPHONE silicone case(10 colors)
    IPHONE remote cable
    IPHONE AV cable
    IPHONE USB cable original
    IPHONE USB charger copy
    IPHONE 3 in 1 charger
    IPHONE car charger
    IPHONE travel charger
    IPHONE battery(original)

    IPHONE 3G lcd with touchpad
    IPHONE 3G lcd
    IPHONE 3G touchpad
    IPHONE 3G lens original
    IPHONE 3G flex with handsfree connector and volume key
    IPHONE 3G charging flex
    IPHONE 3G on/off flex
    IPHONE 3G speaker
    IPHONE 3G ringer
    IPHONE 3G mic
    IPHONE 3G sim connector
    IPHONE 3G crystal case
    IPHONE 3G silicone case(army color)
    IPHONE 3G silicone case(single color)
    IPHONE 3G silicone case(twin-color)
    IPHONE 3G remote
    IPHONE 3G back holder
    IPHONE 3G AV cable
    IPHONE 3G sim tray/sim holder black
    IPHONE 3G sim tray/sim holder white
    IPHONE sim tray ( original)
    IPHONE 3G keypad
    3G handsfree flex

    Miss Cindy
    Tel/Fax: 0086 20 81842730

    Total Ad Views: 1981

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