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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Property Type Location Photo
1 16-Jul-2010 We Are Hiring "Naveed4" Single Family Home  Sangla Hill Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 We Buy Houses Nationwide.! We buy houses from home sellers looking to sell for many different reasons. Recent changes in the economy have created the need for more creative real estate solutions.. There will always be a need for the traditional real
2 18-May-2007 Nice Single Family Home  Halifax Canada - Nova Scotia ---
3 25-Aug-2006 Lots and Lots in River Forest Single Family Home  laplace Louisiana ---
 Beautiful HOme located in the River Forest Subdivision
4 24-Sept-2005 awaw Single Family Home  ontario Canada - Ontario ---
5 11-Sept-2005 The Johnson Estate Mobile Home  Beavercreek Ohio Yes
 This is a test.
6 4-Jun-2005 test house Single Family Home  Reveil Europe - Scandinavia ---
7 5-May-2005 Casa en Venta y Barata Single Family Home  New Yrok Utah Yes
 Comprala que esta barata mi loko
8 28-Nov-2004 Título del anuncio Mobile Home  BArcelona Massachusetts ---
 Texto de descripción con apóstrofe 'l
9 10-Oct-2004 Better Buy this Condo  Red Deer Canada - Alberta Yes
 this is only a test
10 9-Oct-2004 TIME TO SELL CALL ME Single Family Home  Red Deer Canada - Alberta Yes
 Textual PersonalizationMall.com Banner (468x60)
11 9-Oct-2004 EXPERT IN QUIK-SALE & QUIK POSSESSION Multifamily Dwelling  Red Deer Canada - Alberta Yes
 THIS IS A TEST FOR THIS PACKAGE BUT i really do sell real estate and would love to assist you.Textual PersonalizationMall.com Banner (468x60)
12 31-Jul-2004 Great Home Condo  indianapolis Indiana ---
 Test info
13 31-Jul-2004 Nice Home Single Family Home  indianapolis Indiana ---
 test info
14 10-Jun-2004 Bayamon Puerto Rico Single Family Home  san juanq Puerto Rico Yes
 Esta en una area super buena cercana a la costa este de la isla con buenas facilidades y centros comerciales
15 25-Apr-2004 Casa de 3 cuartos Multifamily Dwelling  manati Puerto Rico Yes
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16 1-Feb-2004 Great House - Lousy Neighborhood Single Family Home  Hesperia California Yes
 Great home in rotten neighborhood. Neighbors eat your pets and play rap music and salsa real loud at all hours. Goats on roof chew grass/sod. Entire block smells funny.
17 30-Dec-2003 family Home Great Views Vacation Home  Doon Doon Asia and Pacific - Australia ---
 no message required
18 5-Nov-2003 doones view Single Family Home  San Fran California ---
 testing this ad
19 9-Aug-2003 Home for sale Single Family Home  Deland Florida Yes
 neat house
20 23-Jun-2003 Test Farm  hameln Europe - Germany ---
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