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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Price Year Location Photo
61 18-Jun-2002 car toyota 3432  1963  Denpasar Asia and Pacific - Japan Yes
62 16-Jun-2002 1998 Chrysler LHS $12,000  1998  Chicago Illinois ---
 Beautiful example of one of Chryslers finest. Great shape inside & out. Well maintained with all service records available. For additional information and pictures, please email me.
63 14-Jun-2002 belle voiture ! 10 000  1998  paris Arkansas ---
 super voiture vendre. nan, c du pipo, c pour tester le service. c pas mal. bye !
64 12-Jun-2002 Limo For Sale 85000  1999  Atlanta Georgia ---
 this is a cool vehicle
65 4-Jun-2002 For Sale: Cherry Red 2002 Firebird 25,000 OBO  2002  Indy Indiana Yes
 Great car. Nearly new, just drove it off the lot. Does 0 to 120 in just 10 seconds. Need to sale quickly to pay off unexpected expenses.
66 4-Jun-2002 test 6,00  2001  berlin Europe - Germany Yes
67 31-May-2002 i8 i8i  i8i8  dfgdfgdf Alabama ---
68 22-May-2002 A Steal $34,000  2003  him California ---
69 10-May-2002 Test DEMO  DEMO  Hr Other Area ---
70 3-May-2002 Dodge 6,500  1995  Portland Maine ---
71 23-Apr-2002 DONT PASS THIS BY!!!! $17,000  1999  ftwayne Indiana Yes
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72 20-Apr-2002 Used Proton Wira For sale 25000  1990  Penang Alabama ---
73 20-Apr-2002 Used Wira For Sale 45000  1999  Penang Alabama ---
 Car is in very good condition
74 14-Apr-2002 BMW 5 series 205000  1999  tanjung tokong Missouri Yes
75 14-Apr-2002 rwet giygfiu  oih9u8  tanjung tokong Missouri ---
 mitus car
76 14-Apr-2002 1 year old Ford Truck $ 5000  2001  Vancouver Canada - British Columbia ---
77 14-Apr-2002 test 500000  2002  tanjung tokong Colorado Yes
78 6-Apr-2002 Nice Subaru 4500.00  1990  Winston North Carolina Yes
 This is the best car in Winston Salem for sale at any price!.Great for the student, who has just started school, or college. No dents No scratches, No Smokers,it still has the new car smell! ...................
79 3-Apr-2002 Great BMW Collectible $14K  1999  san fran California Yes
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80 3-Apr-2002 g 3800  1992  k Arizona ---
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