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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Price Year Location Photo
1 11-Oct-2008 Test Car 1500  1999  BH California ---
 Test informaion
2 2-Mar-2007 Nice ride Priceless  This year  KJD Hawaii ---
3 17-Jun-2006 B7 Armored 100,000  2005  Baghdad Middle East ---
 test test tes
4 15-May-2006 Brand New M3 BMW 2.5i 4999  06  london UK - England - London Yes
 Over the past several years I have become pretty interested in cars. I'll be the first one to admit that I don't know everything, nor do I want to, but I just appreciate what our automobile designers come up with. On
5 9-May-2006 Nissan $20,000  2001  AUCKLAND Asia and Pacific - New Zealand ---
 this is a used car
6 4-May-2006 bbbbb 1200.00  1965  Cedar Park, Texas Yes
7 6-Feb-2006 Splendid Car 20  1999  Gaborone Africa Yes
 Buy this car!
8 2-Nov-2005 FORD ESCORT estate 500  1972  LONDON UK - England - North ---
 Great condition very reliable needs a good home!!!why not
9 15-Oct-2005 ϴ/˴ϴ 40  1989  lakewood Washington ---
10 15-Aug-2005 Yo Momma In Concert Priceless  1970  scranton Pennsylvania Yes
 Your momma is so Thick......GOD!
11 6-Apr-2005 222222222222 22222222222  22222222222  zzzzz New York Yes
12 4-Oct-2004 1990 Ford Mustang GT 5000  1990  Portland Oregon ---
 This is a test.
13 22-Jul-2004 Advertise here free N/A  2004  Australia Asia and Pacific - Australia Yes
 Here you can advertise real estate,cars,motor bikes,boats,domains for sale with our FREE! classifieds.You can also place Wanted ads FREE!
14 6-May-2004 Nissan 13000  1990  Dh Montana Yes
 Buena netacamio dochi, gonafre, it's a beutifull and pretty smart truck
15 8-Apr-2004 Too Cool 12,000  2003  Winston Salem North Carolina Yes
 This T-150 Is infact the best truck on this web site.This T-150 Is infact the best truck on this web site.This T-150 Is infact the best truck on this web site.This T-150 Is infact the best truck on this web site.This
16 28-Mar-2004 TheRacersAuction.com Team Truck 75000  1936  Berlin Maryland Yes
 Auction at the site
17 10-Jan-2004 chevy cool car 120000  3010  what Idaho Yes
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18 30-Dec-2003 Real Fast Sports 30,000  1980  Doon Doon Asia and Pacific - Australia ---
 Really fast imaginary car, have to fill this space with something. To see how many words this will allow? Looks pretty good but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Can you have a break? Will it allow a holerowofletterslikethis?mustbeanotherwaytotestthis??????????????????????????????????????????????
19 28-Sept-2003 peugeot 205 1000cc free to uplift  1991  glasgow UK - Scotland Yes
 for spares or repair free to uplift
20 27-Sept-2003 2001 Monte Carlo $12,000  2001  Austin Texas Yes
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