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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Location Photo
1 10-Sept-2009 www.gsmgz.com Easy unlocking universal jaf pkey setool bb5 MT Furious gold infinity NS PRO SMART CLIP UFS HWK guangzhou Asia and Pacific - Other ---
 Unlocking Device 2 In 1 COM+USB CDMA Universal Box Alibaba box w/6 card ASTRO Clip BB5 (5 baby) BB5 advance MT-Box Nokia w/64 cables Powered by GT MT-Box with siemens activated MT Box SE Powered By GT MT box lite MT-box lite(with 5pcs testpoint cable,)+MT box(with siemens activated(6 cable) with 58pcs
2 10-Sept-2009 www.gsmgz.com Mobile phone keypad joystick flex ribbon camera touchpad buzzer speaker ringer mic slide guangzhou Asia and Pacific - Other ---
 GSM GUANGZHOU CO., LTD. is a trading company specialized in mobile phone accessories such as variety of LCD, spare parts, bluetooth headest, music speaker, housing, and other new and popular accessories. Except this, we can also search for related items for
3 10-Sept-2009 www.gsmgz.com MOBILE PHONE flex cables ribbon E66/N78/2680/7610s/9300/E250/E250D/F330/G700/L750/L810/C902 W380/W580/W902/W910 guangzhou Asia and Pacific - Other ---
 GSM GUANGZHOU CO.,LTD.--------Supplier of mobile phone accessories! Flex cable Nokia Flex Samsung FLEX Sony Ericsson flex Motorola FLEX SIEMENS PANASONIC Nextel Flex Keypad membrane Joystick membrane LCD BOARD Joystick inside on/off switch Spring Hinge Vibrator speaker/earpiece ringer/buzzer antenna Mic charging connector/block LCD connector Battery connector CHINA MOBILE connector CAMERA SIM CARD HOLDER Antenna stiker Singal cable Screw RF CAMERA SIM CARD HOLDER Antenna stiker Singal cable Side rubber Screw Product List 01 LCD / Display
4 14-Aug-2009 www.icellparts.com sell:Blackberry 8350i Housing gz New York ---
 sell Blackberry Storm 9500/9530,Pearl Flip 8220, Curve 8900,Curve 8350i, Bold 9000,Pearl 8110,Curve 8330,Pearl 8120,Pearl 8130,Curve 8130,Curve 8310, Curve 8320,8820,Curve 8300,8830,8800,8307e,Pearl8100,7130c,8700,7130e,7100i, 7250,7520,7290,7100,7750,7780,7510,7280,6280,7230,6210,6750,6510 Housing, Lcd and other parts and accessories Http://www.icellparts.com Email:sales@icellparts.com
5 1-Mar-2009 Www.icellparts.com Sell:nextel I530 Housing,lcd gz New York ---
 Sell Nextel ic902,ic602,ic502,ic402,i930,i920,i880,i876,i870, i860,i850,i836,i833,i830,i760,i736,i733,i730,i720,i710,i670, i605,i580,i570,i560,i530,i425,i335,i325,i315,i305,i275,i265, i205,i60,i90,i95,i30 Housing,Lcd,keypad,antenna,Flex and other parts and accessories. Http://www.icellparts.com Email:sales@icellparts.com
6 27-Jan-2009 Www.icellparts.com Sell:Motorola W510 Housing gz New York ---
 Sell Motorola W755,Z6w,W175,Z9,E8,W375,W395,Z6,L9,U9,Q9m/Q9c, V3C,V3m,V9m,W385,Z6m,V9,V8,Z6,W490/W510/W5,W370,Q9,V3xx,V365, L7c,W315,K1,K1m,Z3,V3m,C290,A1200,v265 Housing,Lcd,keypad, Antenna,Flex cable and other OEM Parts. Http://www.icellparts.com Email:sales@icellparts.com
7 9-May-2003 Buy New York New York ---
8 11-Dec-2001 GREAT 8 Track Tape Player!!!! Cleveland Ohio Yes
 Get this fine 8 track tape player and go to Best Buy to purchase all of the latest hits of today. Comes with an old screwdriver to dig out tape when eaten by the player. Comes with hammer to destroy player
9 19-Aug-2001 New p Asia and Pacific - Australia ---
 qwertty qwerty
10 21-Feb-2001 test milan Europe - Italy ---
11 8-Jan-2001 dkdkdkdkd Sao Paulo Latin America ---
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