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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Location Photo
1 4-Dec-2010 ONLINE DATA ENTRY multan Pennsylvania ---
  ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS ARE AVAILABLE.NO SPECIAL SKILLS OR QUALIFICATION REQUIRED. http://ibaonline.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/1811176
2 1-Feb-2010 fikfkfjv ottawa Canada - Ontario Yes
3 21-Jun-2006 Horse of Course St. Clair Michigan Yes
 beautiful saddlebred for sale.
4 29-Mar-2004 Big Dumb Dogs Reno Nevada ---
 Everybody needs friends.
5 29-Mar-2004 TB mare Reno Nevada ---
 This is a great mare
6 9-Feb-2004 Just A Test south orange New Jersey Yes
 hjd ksjdh skdjhs dkjdh kdjhsdksdjhs dkjh sdkjh dksjhd sdkjsdh skdjshd sdkjhd ksjshd sdkjshd ksjd skdj dksjdh sdkjsdh skdjshd skdjhd skdjhs dskdj dksjdh sdkjshd skdjh dksjd kjd kjdh sdkj dksjdh skdjh dksjh sdkjh dkjshd ksjdh skdjh ksdj k.
7 8-Nov-2003 NOTHING FOR SALE Madison Wisconsin Yes
 Just trying this classified out.
8 11-Jul-2003 A Fish till Ohio Yes
 Dead fish. Don't want to touch it so you can have it for a quarter if you get it out of my tank.
9 19-Jan-2003 Amazon Pythin Snake Albuquerque New Mexico Yes
 Come get this damn snake. He is eating me out of house and home. If you can catch him you can hace him.
10 8-Jan-2003 Chocolate Father Christmas zxzx Arizona Yes
 Chocolate Santa Claus
11 17-Sept-2002 COOL HORSE!! Maple Ridge Montana Yes
 Wins everything.
12 14-Aug-2002 ad afd slyon Massachusetts Yes
 asdfasdfasd fad
13 1-Jul-2002 Large cat for sale Bearland Ohio ---
 He's a cool cat - not to be missed.
14 20-Jun-2002 trey dogs bug Arizona Yes
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15 22-May-2002 Thoroughbred for Sale denver Colorado ---
 La dee dah
16 1-Mar-2002 All Around AQHA Gelding For Sale Maple Ridge, BC Canada - British Columbia Yes
 Awesome horse for child or novice amateur - quiet, slow and easy to keep.
17 11-Feb-2002 Leopard Gecko to a Good Home London Ohio ---
 This is brief text testing out the classifieds program and selling a leopard gecko (not reallly)
18 3-May-2001 test None Arizona ---
19 21-Feb-2001 Horses for Sale Edmonton Canada - Alberta ---
 Herd dispersal
20 18-Jan-2001 Horse For Sale Kerman California ---
 Nice horse.
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