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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Location Photo
121 24-Jun-2001 HP computer Test Ad Hemlock Michigan Yes
 Ad description
122 20-Jun-2001 trytytr calgary Canada - Prince Edward Island Yes
123 8-Jun-2001 sdrsdf sdfsdf sdfsdfsdf freddd Florida Yes
 ser serser sdrs dr sdr sdrser
124 4-May-2001 Old Mac Mobile Alabama ---
 Old Mac . Works good. Great for graphics, lots of programs..photoshop..page maker and many more. includes b/w commercial scanner
125 2-May-2001 Great Color Laser Printer + Bonus Toner! Smyrna Tennessee ---
 Fast beautiful output in an affordable color lser printer. 12ppm b&w and 3 ppm color. 4000+ pages before retoning. Only one year old, works perfectly. I have a full refill and fuse replacement kit for all four colors and an extra
126 29-Apr-2001 STEAL it miramar Florida ---
 this is a test
127 24-Apr-2001 Testing abc Florida ---
 This is a test.
128 21-Apr-2001 notbook AT&T DX-4 talkala Middle East ---
 with PCMCI modem 14400 also AT&T
129 17-Apr-2001 sadsad qweqwe Alabama ---
130 12-Apr-2001 Used Computers Sale!!! Raleigh North Carolina ---
 Used 486 and Pentinum computers with monitor, keyboard, mouse, serial, parallel etc. as low as $125.
131 4-Mar-2001 Great PC Katonah New York Yes
 It's a great PC. This is a test.
132 27-Feb-2001 This is a test nowhere Alabama Yes
133 23-Feb-2001 Laptop 166 Mhz Insheim District of Columbia Yes
 missing hard drive, excellant condition. Great starter laptop for home or business
134 15-Feb-2001 super test sdfgsdfgsdfg Africa Yes
 f asdölf ölasdjf asdölfj asdöfl ö asdf aslkdf ölasdjf öälasdjf ölasdfj öalsdfj aösdlfj aölsdf asöldfj asdlöfj d asd sd fasdf löaskdf aösldf ä öläasdf as da sdfölkasd f as df aösldlf äalsdf asdf asöpdfj asldkf öälaksjdf asödkj
135 13-Feb-2001 PC Parts & Accessories for Less Marietta Georgia ---
 This is where I would describe the PC parts and accessory that I am selling if I were to be selling a PC part or accessory. This is where I would describe more information about the part or accessory.
136 10-Feb-2001 LinkSys Network Card Anytown California ---
 Network in a box
137 28-Dec-2000 Just a test ad Keyword toomalie Lancaster UK - England - North ---
 testing the capabilities of pro ad
138 25-Dec-2000 wzrtzwzwzt varazdin Other Area Yes
 therhgfhsg dgh dfghd hjgdhjdfzwz wezwezshsfhf
139 13-Dec-2000 Testing Out the New Ads feature Penrith Delaware ---
 I'm just testing this out
140 18-Nov-2000 Pentium-III 600MHz Oakville Canada - Ontario ---
 Don't panic. This is just a test.
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