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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Location Photo
41 14-Aug-2004 PER Antivirus Lima Latin America Yes
 detecta y elimina toda clase de virus protección Email, Mensajería instantánea, Chat, Peer to Peer y Firewall. Descargue una copia de evaluación: http://www.perantivirus.com/download/pereva32.exe
42 7-Jul-2004 Used IBM 5021 Edmonton Canada - Alberta Yes
 This is an old computer best suited as a boat anchor or anchor to hold your pier.
43 29-Jun-2004 MacGirl Perry Georgia ---
 What happens afther 300 words
44 26-May-2004 TEST HEADLINE Houston Texas ---
45 24-Apr-2004 Laptop Compac manati Puerto Rico Yes
 asjfal;sdjfa;lsdkjfasl;dkfjasd;lkfjas;dlkfjas;dlfkja;lsdfjas;ldkfjasd;lkfjasd;lkfjasd asdlfkjasdlkfjas dfkasjdf;laksdfj qweklj sdlkcajsdf;lkasdjfc a;lsdkfjasd;lfasdjlk;fjas f;lkcj aslk;dcjakj aww;efjaecfk
46 28-Jan-2004 Classified Ads Software Washington District of Columbia Yes
 Active Classifieds Standard Edition is an intelligently designed, feature rich classified ads software program for web sites.
47 8-Jan-2004 test test Alabama ---
48 25-Oct-2003 This is a test Athens Alabama ---
49 1-Aug-2003 pc for sell bumfukt Ohio ---
 Runs on DOS!!!
50 24-Jun-2003 Commodore VIC 20 - State of the Art (in 1980) Reno Nevada Yes
 Antique Computer sure to be worth a fortune to a collector.
51 13-Jun-2003 ppp bangkok Asia and Pacific - Other ---
52 11-Jun-2003 adsdas coimbatore Asia and Pacific - India Yes
53 4-Jun-2003 ty sdf Alabama ---
 fg gdfgf dgdfg
54 16-May-2003 sdfgd toronto Oregon ---
55 16-May-2003 Audiovox Maestro For Sale! Clute Texas ---
56 13-Apr-2003 pc webdesign losangeles California ---
 this site has 3000 people each day visiting
57 31-Mar-2003 g tw UK - England - Mid ---
58 21-Mar-2003 500 MHz G3 iBook 640 MB nonone Illinois Yes
 This is a gently used laptop in need of a new home. I will be purchasing a new iBook, so I have no need for this one. It is running OS 10.2.4
59 14-Mar-2003 campaign del Arkansas ---
 Ad-Placer.Com is now hiring home-based workers.
60 24-Feb-2003 test spi Alaska ---
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