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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Location Photo
61 8-Feb-2003 P133 Rochester New York ---
 P133 for sale.
62 2-Feb-2003 pentium 3 Hobart Asia and Pacific - Australia Yes
 blah blah
63 6-Dec-2002 8888888888888888888888 uyuio8u Michigan ---
64 19-Oct-2002 The BIG One ! Big City Tennessee Yes
 The BIG One is just what you need to store anything... socks, shoes, shirts, skirts... as long as it starts with an "s" you can store it with The BIG One.
65 26-Sept-2002 test nyc Alabama ---
66 19-Sept-2002 test portland Maine ---
67 1-Sept-2002 100 gid sdram BC Canada - British Columbia ---
 For the asking price please add another 10 million for shipping and handling. Thanks
68 30-Aug-2002 prueba estupenda Santomera Europe - Other Yes
 esto es la monda
69 30-Aug-2002 teste2 Piracicaba Latin America Yes
 sdffa teste2teste 2teste2t este2teste2 teste2teste2teste2 teste2teste2teste2
70 24-Aug-2002 Advanced Redesing Classified Ads System St.Petersburg Other Area ---
 Advanced Redesing Classified Ads System for only $200!
71 2-Aug-2002 Great Computer San Diego California ---
 Test number 1
72 2-Aug-2002 Mac Clone test Alabama Yes
 This is great first computer for somebody!
73 30-Jul-2002 look at this?????? s Canada - Alberta Yes
74 22-Jul-2002 p2 133 montera Other Area ---
75 28-Jun-2002 Macintosh PPC G3 Upgraded Wauwatosa Wisconsin ---
 This old Mac stood buy me through thick and thin, until the G4 series came along and I decided to put him out to stud. OS (9.1) is a bit buggy, especially when using Netscape. Stick with Explorer and you'll be
76 8-Jun-2002 This is a PC category Test Fort Lauderdale Florida ---
 This is a test of this classified program. So far it seems to be a full featured program.
77 18-May-2002 Cool Systems Boston Massachusetts ---
 THis is fast system, very cool.
78 8-May-2002 Intel P4 2.2 GHz Mesa Arizona ---
 This is a great chip. Very fast
79 4-May-2002 computer pasadena Texas Yes
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80 1-May-2002 TESTING Milwaukee Wisconsin Yes
 This is a test. This is only a test. In the event of a real emergency you would see people running in the streets and screaming.
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