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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Looking For My Age Location Photo
61 4-Mar-2001 Me - looking for you Long-Term Relationship  36 - 40  London UK - England - London ---
 Me Tarzan. You Jane??
62 23-Feb-2001 Big Boy with Big Shoe (if you know what I mean) Any  26 - 30  test Arizona ---
 I just want to RODEO!!!!!!!!!!!111
63 29-Jan-2001 HAVE YOU FOUND ME YET Just Friends  36 - 40  Ypsilanti Michigan Yes
64 10-Jan-2001 test Just Friends  51 - 55  Tampa Florida ---
65 8-Jan-2001 Just Testing Just Friends  19 - 25  El Paso Texas Yes
 I just was trying to test this to see if its cool to buy..
66 30-Dec-2000 looking for a shorty Any  19 - 25  richmond Virginia Yes
 i'm looking for a shorty that would call me her higguh and i could call her my bitch. cause we thug like that, but she dont got to have to wear no weave, hit me back if you down
67 28-Dec-2000 Anyone for sex? Any  31 - 35  Lancaster UK - England - North Yes
 testing it out you don't have t reply..
68 27-Dec-2000 CHECK ME OUT! Just Friends  36 - 40  Toronto Canada - Ontario Yes
 Just testing.
69 21-Dec-2000 Hunky Virile Male Stud Photo Exchange  51 - 55  Victoria Canada - British Columbia Yes
 Short, large and balding unemployed male seeks Cindi Crawford look alike to satisfy my every desire. Sexual services along with light house keeping duties such as mopping , dishes and occassional car washing are a part of this very attractive offering.
70 7-Dec-2000 sprinter Photo Exchange  Under 15  Pp Alabama Yes
 run with me ?
71 6-Dec-2000 Just a Test Any  Over 90  city UK - England - Southwest ---
 Just a test
72 30-Nov-2000 xxx Any  Under 15  xxx Alabama Yes
73 22-Nov-2000 Arrrggg !!! Any  26 - 30  test Florida ---
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