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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Property Type Location Photo
81 1-Oct-2001 Fruit Farm For Sale By Vendor Farm  Cranbrook Canada - British Columbia Yes
 Great Farm for family with superb views
82 31-Aug-2001 Shopping Mall Other  Sydney Asia and Pacific - Australia Yes
83 10-Aug-2001 lot for sale Undeveloped Land  hooterville Maine ---
 Nice place to rest on a hot day.
84 8-Aug-2001 Gotta Sell Mobile Home  Eugene Oregon Yes
 Cheap...$50.00 (Must move at night), bring your own truck...beware of dog in house!
85 20-Jul-2001 874 French Castles or Invest Properties Other  montsales Europe - France Yes
86 1-Jul-2001 ';; Condo  qwe California ---
87 30-Jun-2001 test brit Condo  klklk California ---
 f;ke weljk welke
88 29-Jun-2001 12434 buttons drive Co-op  la California Yes
 wow! what a great place
89 29-Jun-2001 1234 cherry tree lane Single Family Home  la California Yes
 this is a beautiful house for some great people!!!!
90 14-May-2001 4/3/2 +more - 2820 Sq. Ft. @ just $62/sq. ft.! Single Family Home  Smyrna Tennessee ---
 This 1 level single family home built in 1993 has 4 bedroom(s), 3 bath(s) , 2 car attached garage and approximately 2820 square feet of living area. Rooms include dining room, living room, bonus room and office right off the vaulted
91 8-May-2001 new Condo  san francisco California ---
92 21-Apr-2001 This is my house Other  st louis Delaware ---
 ranch house. need to sell asap
93 13-Apr-2001 Great looking house-WOW Ranch  Mettle Delaware ---
 Our house is a beautiful ranch style home. Sits on a creek that rolls out of the wooded hills behind the house! MUST SEE, call for an appt to see now!
94 1-Feb-2001 very bad nilo Co-op  tobuy Connecticut Yes
95 27-Jan-2001 new home for sale Single Family Home  wellsville Ohio ---
 this is a great house.
96 15-Jan-2001 Condo For Rent Condo  City Delaware Yes
97 25-Dec-2000 sdfgsddfsdf Single Family Home  testingtown California ---
98 21-Dec-2000 Cream, Puff! Loft  Victoria Canada - British Columbia Yes
 Just found my Bi-Nocks and saw that in view source that there was a space tag in the way for the if tag to work.... So for note to anyone else.... when using 'If tags' they can NOT have anything else on its line....<grin>
99 21-Dec-2000 If You Snooze You Lose! Single Family Home  Victoria Canada - British Columbia Yes
 Do I have to access the Templates to change the 123456 layout, or I can I put a header and a footer some where in a txt file, and will automatically put them on top and on the bottom on the
100 12-Dec-2000 Selling House Condo  singapore Asia and Pacific - Other ---
 very beautiful new old house
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