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All New Pro Version Now Available In English!
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Active Classifieds cgi script is a great solution for adding service and activity to your new or existing site. The system is easily integrated with your current site design and offers a large number of administrator definable options. It also includes the free PayPal Add-in that allows you to charge users for posting and renewing their ads via PayPal.

Product Overview

Price: $199.00 (cash discount price)
$224.00 (wire transfer price)
$218.90 (regular price)

A new on-demand version of Active Classifieds (English) is available for just $49 setup, plus $14.95 per month. None of the above license fees apply to this new on-demand version, which has additional features as compared to the distributed version, and which also includes free installation, free tech support forever, free upgrades forever, and free hosting of the application forever. Purchase the on-demand version of Active Classifieds

Requirements: Unix Operating System (Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), Perl 5.003 or greater
Installation: Optional
Demos: English, German, Admin, Setup Wizard

Product Details

The Most Powerful Feature

You decide what information you want to collect and display for each category on your system. You may define up to 9 unique data fields for each individual category added to your system. After all... why would you have or need a price field in the "Personals" category?

Photo Upload and Display Features

  • Enable or disable upload photo capabilities
  • Intelligent thumbnail scaling displays images picture perfect every time.
  • File type and maximum file size checks for added security
  • Images may be deleted, added or replaced at anytime by the user or administrator
  • Advanced search features allow users to search for ads with photos only

Integrated Targeted Banner Ad System

  • Easily add banners to your system via the banner administration area.
  • Assign banners to specific category or subcategory areas.
  • Review banner impression and hit statistics
  • Automatically expire banners by date or total impressions.

PayPal Add-In Features (Included with English Version)

  • Allows for single payment of new ad postings and renewal.
  • Administrator can setup "Super Users" to post multiple ads or free ads on a limited or unlimited ad posting and renewal basis.
  • Easy to implement. Upload Add-In files, set your variables and your system starts charging for ad postings and renewals.
  • For more information on the PayPal Add-in, Click Here.

User Interface and Features

  • User Registration allows easy access to edit, delete, or renew all ads posted under the user's unique user registration name. If a user changes locations, phone numbers or other information related to an ad, all their ads posted are also updated immediately.
  • The Auto Notify feature allows users to predefine searches for ads which meet specific criteria. When new ads are posted or activated, users who have predefined searches that match the new ad are sent an email notification of the new ad details.
  • Quick Links provide easy and quick access to ads your users add to their "Personal Quick Links Page". Great for comparing ads or returning later to review ads which peaked their interest.
  • Keyword and advanced search features allow users to search the entire database or look for ads in specific categories which meet their specified criteria. Advanced search features provide additional criteria such as date range and "only show photo ads" features.
  • Easy navigation provides users with quick access to browse ads within categories and jump to any other category throughout the site. Next and previous links allow users to easily browse ad details without having to return to the ad list to view the next sequential ad in the ad list.
  • The total number of ads posted to each major category and subcategory are displayed. Users don't have to "wonder" if any ads are posted.
  • Ad summaries are provided in list format allowing users to more quickly find ads which may be of interest to then. Clicking the links in the summaries will show ad details.
  • Ad details can easily be sent to a friend using the "Send To Friend" feature on the ad detail pages.
  • Viewers may reply to an ad by clicking the "Reply To Ad" link at the ad detail level. The ad owner's email address is never revealed on your site to the person replying to an ad.
  • Built in help system, terms of use and privacy statements help users as they use your classified ads system.

Administration Features

  • Fully automated administrator's interface. The most extensive admin features of any other system available.
  • Automatically delete expired ads without using a cron job or delete expired ads manually through the admin interface.
  • Find all ads to edit or delete based on user name or user email address in the ad maintenance admin area.
  • Easily edit or delete user ads directly from the user interface by going to the ad detail pages.
  • Optionally review ads before allowing them to display on the site. Activate the ads using the "Review Pending Ads" tool. Ads are automatically activated and the expiration date extended for the full ad period upon activation.
  • Extensive category administration. Easily add, edit or delete new categories for your system via the browser based category maintenance tools. Link your new category with an existing "variable definition file" which defines the data fields available to your new category. You may also create your own new definition file containing only the data fields you wish to make available for that category. Each category can have a unique definition file containing up to 9 data fields in addition to the headline field and website url field. Optionally sort or display categories in any order.
  • Mailing List management makes it easy to send all your registered users mass email. Easily add or delete existing users to/from the mail list via the admin feature.
  • System customization is all completed via browser based tools. Customize the appearance or any other feature of your system by editing the design configuration file. Edit the system header and footer files online to integrate the classified ads system into your existing site.
  • Support for U.S. or European date formats.
  • Support for local and GMT time zones.
  • Send automated ad expiration notices to all users who have ads expiring within the time frame you specify.

Under The Hood

  • Extensive data error checking for required data fields you define.
  • Invalid email address checks help prevent people from using "bogus" email addresses.
  • Security precautions to strip out html code, ssi code and other special characters which could cause damage to your database
  • Duplicate ad checking and the ability to ban abusive users from using your system.
  • Session based design used to conceal all user email addresses and password information.
  • Intelligent data display only displays the ad fields which have been completed by the user during the new ad posting process. Blank data fields are not displayed on the detail page.
  • Automated daily backup of your main database file. Intelligent data comparison to ensure corrupted or smaller current data files do not overwrite your last backup.
  • Full backup of all critical system files enabling you to restore your last system file backups in the event of a system failure.
  • Double file locking routines using both Perl's flock function and exclusive locks on directory folders to help ensure better and more reliable data integrity.

Email Features

  • Administrators may optionally receive a notice of new or edited ads posted to the system.
  • Users are automatically forwarded a thank you and ad detail notice when posting an ad to your system.
  • Reply emails are automatically forwarded to the original ad owner when a viewer wants to reply to an ad.
  • Users can help further promote your site via the Send To Friend email feature.
  • Auto Notify notices are automatically generated and emailed to your users who have predefined Auto Notify search criteria.
  • Add personalized email advertising or messages to outgoing system emails received by your users.

Setup Wizard Features

  • Intelligent setup wizard will walk you through each step of the setup process.
  • Browser based setup attempts to determine your required system variables, making the setup of this cgi script easy and fast.
  • Professional installation is optionally available on all cgi script purchases by a qualified support representative.

To experience the full spectrum of the Active Classified features, we strongly urge you to visit our demos today.

Demos: English, German, Admin, Setup Wizard