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The PayPal Addin is a simple module that expands the capability of your Active Classifieds cgi script. When implementing the PayPal Add-In, you can charge your users to post and renew ads on your site.

Product Overview

Requirements: Current Installed English Version 4.1 of Active Classifieds

Important Notice: To use the PayPal add-in, you must be running the English version 4.1 or higher of Active Classifieds. If you do not have the most recent version, you should login to your admin program and click the "check for updates" link to obtain the latest version which includes the PayPal add-in.

Product Details

How It Works

The PayPal Addin is seamlessly integrated into your program. When a user selects the option to post a new ad or renew an existing ad, they are presented with a page indicating the costs to post a new ad or renew an existing ad. When they click on the PayPal payment button, they are directed to the PayPal website to make payment. Upon completion of the payment, they are taken directly back to your site to continue posting or renewing their ad.

SuperUser Features

So you have a client who wants to post 10 ads but does not want to pay for each ad. No problem. The PayPal add-in allows you to designate a user as being a "SuperUser". You can setup the SuperUser so they may post up to any number of ads without having to pay for each ad. Once the number of ads you established has been reached, they are automatically switched back to being a "standard user". You can also setup a client or your own login so that you have the ability to post "unlimited" ads without without being presented with the PayPal payment screen.


The Add-In is limited to New Ad Postings and Renewals. It does not support payment for alternative scenarios such as "only charge if they upload a photo". We will not customize the PayPal add-in. The module works with PayPal only. We do not have an add-in for any other payment providers and do not intend to develop any others at this time.

The Add-In is designed for "single payments" only. It does not support "subscription based payments".

The Add-In does not validate PayPal payments using the IPN feature available through PayPal.

When using the PayPal Add-in, new ad postings and renewals are limited to a single expiration period set by the administrator in the PayPal variables. For example, the administrator may set it so that ads will expire 60 days after posting or renewal. This setting will override the "multiple duration options" available in the Active Classifieds System where the add-in is not being used.