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User Privacy Policy Statement

We respect your privacy and personal information you provide when using any part of or making a purchase from Active Web Suite Technologies. While our systems may collect and store personal information, we at no time sell, rent or redistribute this information to any third party unless required to do so by court order or law.

Marketing Activities
We do not collect information for the purpose of marketing and do not send you unsolicited marketing emails or allow any marketing activities by third parties either directly or indirectly. We may from time to time send you an email regarding product updates or important information regarding a product you have purchased or obtained free of charge from Active Web Suite Technologies.

Secured Transactions and Credit Card Data
All personal information including credit card data obtained during an online purchase is encrypted and transmitted via secure protocols.

Collection of Installation Data
During the installation process of our products, we gather and submit the following information to our support department to assist us in providing support for the products you have purchased or downloaded from the Active Web Suite Technologies web site: 1) The website domain or ip address where the program is installed, 2) the administrator's email address, and 3) the registration ID number of the product you are installing. This information is collected for our records only and is a validation process for the purchase or download you have made.

Changes In Policy
Should we at any time make changes to this policy, we will notify you accordingly and allow you the option to "opt" out of any changes implemented in our marketing practices and policies.