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Ad ID: 100394-10181 Posted on 21-Dec-2000 Expires on 8-Mar-2001
If You Snooze You Lose!
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Posted by: Stephen
Location: Victoria Canada - British Columbia
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 Ad Information
For Sale By:Realtor
Property Type:Single Family Home
No. Bedrooms:Three
No. Baths:Three
Other Features:Garage
Sauna or Hot tub
 Ad Description
Do I have to access the Templates to change the 123456 layout, or I can I put a header and a footer some where in a txt file, and will automatically put them on top and on the bottom on the pages??Welcome to the Active Web Suite Technologies Classified Ads System Demo. We encourage you to fully explore the system including creating a new user profile to enable you to post and edit ads just as your site users would do.