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Ad ID: 100394-10183 Posted on 21-Dec-2000 Expires on 18-Jan-2001
Cream, Puff!
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 Contact Information
Posted by: Stephen
Location: Victoria Canada - British Columbia
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 Ad Information
For Sale By:Realtor
Property Type:Loft
No. Bedrooms:Three
No. Baths:Three and a half
Other Features:Garage
Sauna or Hot tub
Tennis Courts
Fitness Room
Family Room
Electric Heat
Gas Heat
Air Conditioning
Hardwood Floors
Wall to Wall Carpeting
Near Shopping Mall
Scenic Views
 Ad Description
Just found my Bi-Nocks and saw that in view source that there
was a space tag in the way for the if tag to work....

So for note to anyone else....
when using 'If tags' they can NOT have anything else on its line....<grin>