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Ad ID: 101003-10513 Posted on 9-Nov-2001 Expires on 14-Dec-2001
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 Contact Information
Posted by: JoeJ
Location: Claxton Georgia
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 Ad Information
Position Title:Fruitcake Master Chef
Education Level:Masters and Above
Salary Level:$3.50/hour + all the fruitcake you can eat
Qualifications:knowledge of candied fruit, morning person, strong arms for lifting heavy cakes, strong stomach for bad food
 Ad Description
If you have a graduate degree and know how to mix ingredients, you have what it takes to be a fruitcake master chef. You can bring happiness to tens of people around the world when the fruitcake comes knocking on their door! Yum, yum, candied fruit in moist brown cake! Call Today and get started!!!!!!