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Free and commercial cgi scripts designed to enhance any website.
Ad ID: 101003-10514 Posted on 9-Nov-2001 Expires on 16-Nov-2001
I really need a job
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Posted by: JoeJ
Location: Claxton Georgia
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 Ad Information
Position Title:Well, not really.
Education Level:4 Year College Degree
Salary Level:$250,000
Qualifications:too many to list
 Ad Description
Productivity/Speed/Convenience Tips

§ Multiple Windows – especially with the internet/documents

§ Alt-Tab – switches between windows

§ Dragging and dropping – cutting and pasting

§ Ctrl-F to search any document, web page or to find and replace an item.

§ Control-Alt-Delete – to shut down just the program (not the computer) which is not responding/frozen

§ Esc button – to delete a “pop-up” box you don’t want

§ Auto Correct to speed up typing common terms/phrases and avoid spelling errors on difficult names, etc…..

§ The “Print Scrn” button – copies the entire page as a picture onto your clipboard

§ Directories – two ways to create them.

§ Color printing, using hints of color, printing color documents in B&W to print faster

§ E-mailing documents as attachments.

§ Using shared network drives to share documents