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Free and commercial cgi scripts designed to enhance any website.
Ad ID: 101187-10643 Posted on 16-Mar-2002 Expires on 30-Mar-2002
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 Contact Information
Posted by: Wendy
Location: Buffalo New York
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 Ad Information
Position Title:E-Commerce Manager
Education Level:2 Year College Degree
Salary Level:Competitive
Qualifications:7 years development experience
 Ad Description
Candidate must have a minimum of 7 years development experience and at least 3 years as a team lead or development manager. Must have 2 years of development experience in Java technologies such as JDK, JavaBeans, and EJB. A familiarity with WebLogic web server and development on the BEA platform, and good understanding of databases and some experience of analysis and designing of large Java-based applications. Excellent communication skills are a must.