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Ad ID: 101444-10843 Posted on 11-Sept-2002 Expires on 23-Oct-2002
Charlie the Chicken!
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 Contact Information
Posted by: wetducks
Location: New Windsor Maryland
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 Ad Information
Breed:Red Junglefowl Wannabe!
Weight:12 lbs
Price:Free visits from Cute Chicks!
 Ad Description
This is a great friend to have around. A wonderful alarm clock!
Eats bugs and keeps your garden free of pests. We have taught Charlie not to crow real loud and the neighbors never complain!
He is not a pure-breed but is colored like the junglefowl and is looking to move in with a cutie hen so he can have more CHICKS.. in a short period of time. He would prefer a warm new home & NOT THE OVEN, of course. Please send a photo of your hen, so he can take his pick. We will let the lucky gal know when a decision is made.
Good Luck to those good looking hens out there. Still being able to lay a few eggs is a plus!
Send photos ASAP! No nudes please!!!!!!