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Ad ID: 101462-10856 Posted on 22-Sept-2002 Expires on 3-Nov-2002
Daffy wants to sell his pond!
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 Contact Information
Posted by: daffy
Phone: 1-sos-duck
Location: New Windsor Maryland
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 Ad Information
For Sale By:Private Party
Price:$50.00 or 10 bags duck developer
Property Type:Farm
No. Bedrooms:Six
No. Baths:Four and a half
Acreage:2 acres wide by 22 feet deep
Other Features:Pool
Sauna or Hot tub
Family Room
Gas Heat
Air Conditioning
Scenic Views
 Ad Description
I need to buy a new pond as the drought has just about done my home in!!! The dogs come and drink my house every day.. dummies!!!! So for ral cheap.. I will let this go and find a new pond???? Any suggestions???