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Ad ID: 101724-11116 Posted on 5-Jun-2003 Expires on 17-Jul-2003
Technical Network Guru Wanted
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 Contact Information
Posted by: tekmann
Phone: 209-222-5515
Location: Manteca California
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 Ad Information
Position Title:Network Administrator
Education Level:Masters and Above
Salary Level:$100,000.00
Qualifications:MS, Oracle, Novell, Linux
 Ad Description
Can you run FAST? Are you in shape? Can you turn on a computer as well as blow one up if you have to? Then the office of the Homeland Security needs you. Bring yourself and your badASS attitude and let us train you for an exciting career in Network Administration in the field. You must be able to dodge bullets, run through and past land mines, attack intruders when necessary, bring stability to the "network" when required. All this and much more with excellent pay and benefits.