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Question: What is your upgrade policy?

Answer: We are continually upgrading our products to both correct any reported bugs and enhance the features of the products. As a registered owner of a product released by, you may be eligible for certain enhancements made to that product at no cost for a certain time period following the date of your purchase of a license for that product. Please note the following policies below.

Multi-Level Products
If you own a "Standard Version" of a product and we release a new "Professional Version" of that product, we will typically provide an upgrade script to convert your existing product to the new product. At our option, there may be a nominal upgrade fee involved to convert from one product to a new product.

Product Customizations
Even if you are eligible for an upgrade, we will not support upgrading your product if you have made customizations to the internal code or functionality beyond the scope of the built in customizable variables. You will lose any customizations you have made if you upgrade to a newer version. We may offer minor product updates or bug fixes at no cost for a certain period after the date of purchase of your license.

Account Not In Good Standing
Your owner's account with must be in good standing. "Good Standing" means that you have abided by the terms and conditions received when purchasing a license for an product and have provided correct and true registration information with your purchase. Providing false information about your product registration is grounds for immediate termination of your access rights to our product updates and support information.

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